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About Us

A Unique Dining Experience

About Us

Hakka Spice is an Upscale Casual Restaurant where friends and family come together to enjoy great food and a colourful dining experience. Hakka Spice will stimulate your appetite for wholesome food, unique flavors and a rich introduction to Hakka cuisine. Located just between Oakville and Mississauga Hakka Spice welcomes everyone to come down and enjoy amazing flavourful food. The atmosphere is upscale casual dining, and everyone is welcome.

Hakka food is the cuisine of the Hakka people who are originally from southern China and Taiwan and now are found in communities across south east asia and around the world. The Hakka people have a marked cuisine and style of Chinese cooking which concentrates on the texture of food. Preserved meats featured in Hakka delicacy, stewed, braised, roast meats are ‘texturised’ contributions to the Hakka palate which have a central place in their repertoire.

Meet the Chef

Chef Binod has been in the restaurant industry all his life, and spent 7 years as Hakka Chef. Opening his own restaurant “Hakka Spice” has been a life long dream. And now he is happy to be joined by his wife and daughters in opening this authentic Hakka restaurant to bring you the best of his recipes to the fine people of Mississauga and Oakville

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